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Adherence: The Missing Ingredient

January is coming up so with that I am going we are going to do some multiple choice on which diet is shown to be the best at hitting your weight loss goals!

Is it : A) Paleo

B) Intermittent Fasting

C) Ketogenic

D) Low Carb

E) None of the above


If your taking E, you are correct! You see, all of these can work, but none can as well. There is a special ingredient inside each of these that I didn’t mention that totally changes the equation and it is adherence. Adherence is what is going to make any of these nutrition plans work in your favour. There is no magic diet, they all work when they are adhered to and that is why you will see people who have succeeded on any one of these diets as stronger backers of that plan, because it worked for THEM.

Really, what you are trying to do is find something that works for YOU! In order for any plan you choose to have success, you have to find something that is going to create the least resistance for yourself and that means picking something that you are most likely to follow. Do your research on any plan you want to follow in order to decide if it is realistic for you to follow. If you are going to have to white-knuckle it for 2 months in order to lose 10lbs, you are bound to eventually cave in to old habits and your results are not kept, but borrowed!

I know we all want THE answer, but really simplicity is always going to be your best bet for getting started. Here are some quick tips you can use to make the right choice and make lasting sustainable change!

#1) Choose something that allows you to eat foods or use cooking methods that you enjoy #2) Identify problem areas that you notice and address them ONE at a time #3) Choose substitutions or reductions instead of elimination when looking at different foods #4) Exercise your discipline while shopping, what you bring home is ultimately what you will eat #5) Focus on reducing portion sizes

This is a subject we could go way deeper into, but, if you are just starting off, you cannot go wrong with the advice above. You would be amazed at just how much change you can make happen when you make a choice, and hit it with that magic word adherence. What you stick with is what will work!

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