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Choose Your Hard

Do you ever hear/see a quote or an idea that really hits home and gets you thinking about things from a different perspective? It is always the simple things too that I find most impactful. I came across something last week and it was, “Choose your hard”. I got digging into that idea from the perspective of my life and what I do for a living, as part of the quote was about being out of shape is hard, and getting into shape is hard. That’s a broad statement so what can that really look like for real world examples? - Starting a running program can be hard, but so is being unable to walk a flight of stairs without being very winded or playing with your kids the way you want - Losing some weight can be hard, but dealing with daily chronic hips/knees/ankles/and back pain is hard too - Taking a risk and making a change is hard, so is staying the same and being unhappy - Getting stronger may be hard, but so too is struggling with daily tasks - Changing your eating patterns may be hard, so too are the common health repercussions of the Western diet As I write this I think more about how we can either focus our energy on living for tomorrow or living for the next 5 minutes. Are you choosing short term sacrifice for longer term gain and balance or living in those 5 minutes segments. Your life choices are always going to be hard but what type of hard are you going to choose? Give it some thought as I found this idea really impactful and it applies to many decisions you will make!

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