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Get A Victory

Let's get a victory today.

I am all about getting small victories and I preach it relentlessly with the people I work with. It’s the old adage of just getting the ball rolling, once it picks up steam it is hard to stop! The key to getting yourself those small victories is going to be organization, so in order to get them you are going to have to plan ahead!

In my experience, your first victory of the day often starts the night before. Think about exactly what you want out of tomorrow and how you can get that going.

All of this stuff is going to seem so obvious, but seriously, let’s take a look at how the smallest thing can get you pushed in the right direction for the whole day.

Let’s take someone who wants to eat a better breakfast in the morning.

Two options are available here depending on what works best. #1 You can wake up earlier, give yourself a 15 min buffer zone to create the breakfast you want. #2 Prepare something the night before that can be either re-heated such as eggs or blended like a shake. Either option requires a plan the night before, either setting the alarm, or prepping the meal.

Here are some unintended consequences of this decision (and trust me I see it all the time).

-By getting a good breakfast figured out, you realize you have more energy in the morning

- By getting breakfast figured out, you realize you have created more time for yourself in the morning

-Between your extra energy and time, you figure that you can take that walk you have always wanted to in the morning

-Because of your walk, you go to work energized and relieved of the stress of a rushed morning routine

-Your co-workers notice and uptick in your mood and your productivity and relationships at work improve

-Seeing these benefits, you decide to prep more healthy meals as you enjoy feeling in control of your life and the positive outcomes it brings.

Honestly, I could go on. Here’s the thing, I know some people are reading this going , “Ya but I am so busy, I have x,y, and z to do, I have 3 kids, I am busy with school etc.”

DO NOT look at this list from the bottom up, it starts at the top with one change, and you ride the change into the next wave. Even if it is one change and it never goes any further, you still have one more victory in your pocket than you did yesterday.

The most important thing is to pick something you CARE about, something you can see making a positive change in your life and stick with it. If you stick with it, I almost guarantee it will carry you to something else that’s positive as well.


Jared :)

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