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Get Moving

Everyone has those days. The days where we can't possibly imagine doing anything except for nothing. For the most part, these kind of days are ok as they allow us to recharge  from busy daily lives. Having said that, if you find that the feelings of a "nothing" day are frequent, you may want to analyze why. Is it lack of sleep? Are you eating whole nutritious food? Are you leaving time to exercise?

Being a personal trainer running my own fitness business, I may appear to be immune to the feelings that my clients may experience. This is not the case however. If there is one thing I have learned over the past decade of training myself and training others, it is this: The less you do, the less you will want to do. Like many others, I will go through bouts of time where the questions in the first paragraph arise. It is at this point I can make a decision. I can either analyze and take action based upon what I have discovered or I continue to succumb to the "nothing" days. As I stated above, the less you do, the less you will want to do and continuing with the "nothing"days is the surest way they will carry on day after day.

I know when I experience these days that although it is the most difficult to do, I know that forcing myself into the one workout will make drastic changes to my mental and physical outlook. I will sleep better. I will eat better. I will feel better. I know when I least want that workout, that is truly when I need it the most. Got the that blah feeling?


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