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Hope is not Strategy

I ran into a situation with a client a couple weeks ago and frankly it is a situation that comes up a lot. We were reviewing what their goal was and what things they can take on to get themselves to that spot. One of their goals was to get on the treadmill in the morning and make sure they get their walk in before they start the day; the problem is that this goal went off the rails. When I asked what they could do to get back into that routine, I got answer I get often:

“If I can just do it once then I will be fine and be back on track”. Have you ever said this to yourself before? If it was so easy to do it once, then would we not ever get off track?

Hope is not a strategy. Repeat that line to yourself right now if you have navigated off your path.

If you’re hoping one day to wake up and do it, you’re going to struggle removing yourself from the rut.

Your superior approach is going to be in specifics. If you think doing it once is the magic trick, that is great, but how are we going to back it up? It sounds simple, but plan it out.

My clients who have the greatest success are the ones who have their personal formula figured out. If you want to run on the treadmill, lift weights, read books, study, whatever it is…. you are going to have to work it out by asking these questions.

#1 What day/days am I going to do this? #2 What time am I going to do this? #3 What strategies do I have in place to remind myself to do this? (Alarms, post it notes, gym buddies) #4 What is my specific goal for that time period I have set? (Walk for 20 min, read 30 pages, 30 min weight training circuits).

I promise you if you make time to plan, your plan will make time for you. Don’t wait for hope to take action, get after it!

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