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Quality food Matters!

This post is for the parents out there. Recently we have been experimenting with my son’s food, removing many processed carbohydrate based foods from his diet. See, even personal trainers are guilty with getting lazy with their kids food…. Cereal for breakfast, crackers for snacks, and rice and pasta for dinner, he would always load up on these foods and ignore the rest of the healthy food on his plate. We slowly noticed a kid who had a hard time concentrating, was irritable, and extremely hyper.

Now it has flipped. Vegetables, fruit, and protein are served first with all other food reserved for when those things are done first. We have a kid who is now calmer, less emotional, and less impulsive. My son’s typical experience learning to ride a bike was often an experience of falling and refusing to try to get up while crying. I watched my son for 5 minutes straight on Sunday repeatedly fall, and get up, and fall and get up, until finally; he got momentum and rode away solo. Complete perseverance and calm throughout the whole process.

None of what I am saying is ground breaking. All I want to illustrate is the difference between putting quality food in your body. What you see with children is no different than what you see with adults, it just manifests itself differently. When you put quality in, you get quality back out. If you have a child right now that you are struggling with, I would highly suggest analyzing their diet first and play around with it to find a winning combination for them.

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