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"Courage to Start - Strength to Endure - Resolve to Finish"

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Throughout my career in personal training, I have used a thorough understanding  of exercise science that has helped my clients achieve a multitude of different goals. My training style is very flexible and is suited for the goals you would like to achieve while simultaneously maintaining a strong focus on effective and proven exercise methods. Exercise is not only about the physical aspect but the mental one as well and I believe both need to be in sync for you to truly achieve what you are striving for. Exercises and healthy eating are not short term, it is forever. The changes I will help you make are always for the long term, creating lasting and sustainable success.


  • Can Fit Pro PTS: Personal Training Specialist

  • Can Fit Pro NWS: Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

  • Can Fit Pro: Kickboxing Level 1

  • Canadian Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) - Post Rehabilitation Exercise - Upper Body

  • Canadian Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) - Post Rehabilitation Exercise - Lower Body

  • YMCA Canada Educational Training Instructor- Fitness Designation

  • YMCA Group Fitness for Resistance Training, Core Conditioning, and Cycling

  • YMCA Individual Conditioning Level  III - Advanced Personal Trainer

  • BTS: Body Training Systems Group Power Instructor

  • St. Johns Ambulance: CPR and First Aid Level C

  • NCCP: National Coaching Certification Program Level 1 



No matter your goal, Maple Hill has you covered. Check the programs below to find your fit.



Here are just some of the amazing stories from Maple Hill. Choosing health and fitness can change your life.

I decided to train with Jared beginning in September. I am not a gym person; therefore, I need motivation and an actual appointment to force me to go. I LOVE going to my work out. I curse Jared and swear a lot but I feel so good when I'm finished. I am a full time client who intends on staying forever to train with Jared. Jared knows what he is talking about and ensures that the exercise is being done properly. I am happy to say that I lost 8 pounds and 1.5 inches overall in one month of working out!!! If you're thinking of training, Jared is the guy you should see!!!!

Shelley Busch

October 2017

A group of friends and I decided last year that we were going to attempt the Spartan Sprint, for those who don't know, this event is an obstacle course that any failure gets you 30 burpees. Now burpees to say the least are just ignorant, in my opinion. That being said how do you train for this?? Sure we'd go to the gym 4 times a week, try to watch what we ate and for sure built up our cardio by running a bit. Still as much as we wanted to believe we were ready for this, we still had a doubt. So we started asking around and searching for someone who had experiences in this type of training and this is when we met Jared. We explained to him our predicament and our goals, he told us that he was up for the challenge and that he had just what we needed! He had an outdoor obstacle course. That's what we were looking for, seeing our group size was good he made an exception and created a time slot that was convenient for everyone and our Spartan fitness program started. After 8 weeks of training we must admit that the confidence levels in our group are up there. During our training I'd listen to what Jared said to a few of my team mates and this guy knows his stuff. Regardless of what your goals are Jared is the real deal, he will make them a reality. Thanks for taking the time to help us, Team S.W.A.T.T.

Gaetan Laforest

August 2017

I just finished my first 24 sessions with Jared-It has been such a great experience! Lifting weights is my new favourite thing to do.
So excited to see more changes and continue to push myself! Here’s to the next 36 sessions! He is a super busy man but if you’re able to train with him do it people!! You won’t regret it!

Katrina McCarrell

June 2018

September 2015 I weighed 215lbs and I was determined to start my healthy lifestyle for the last time - travelling the world and enjoying my retirement from a wheelchair or bed was not an option I wanted.
I was walking and swimming a 3-4 times a week and eating 1200 calories with few results.
In December I decided to motivate myself by signing up for iron girl triathlon in August 2016. I started going to the gym 5-6 nights a week - swimming, running and biking - still only eating 1200 calories. By the beginning of May I was distraught. Five months of extreme efforts had only resulted in losing 10lbs, and now I was tired and hungry but still trudging on.

May 23, 2016 is when I made the best decision I've made towards my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I gathered my courage, took a leap of faith and hired a personal trainer.
MAPLE HILL HEALTH and FITNESS has changed the way I eat, train and think. That first day in June I was so embarrassed to have Jared see my weight and measurements, and lack of physical fitness, however he was so professional and kind. I was told to start eating 1700 calories and take 1-2 days a week off from the gym. Let's just say I was very skeptical- eat more & workout less?

Fast forward 9 months later - and here I am another 23lbs lighter, 15.5 inches smaller and the happiest and healthiest I've been in 25years. I conquered the iron girl and will return faster and stronger this year.
Of course I've veered off the path a day here and there but that's because life sometimes gets in the way. Luckily I had Jared to remind me to keep tracking my food, get lots of rest and not be so hard on myself.

Jared's coaching makes me feel like I can attain any goal I seek. I now look forward to exercise and trying different things like rock wall climbing, run like a diva 5k and conquer the ridge 5k mud run obstacle course.

Jared's professionalism and knowledge are outstanding.
I am very thankful that Jared & Maple Hill Health and Fitness are helping me become a healthier version of me. Can't wait to reach my goal weight with muscles of steel.

It's now November 28th 2017, and I have lost 50lbs and 26.77 inches. I have been on my healthy life journey with my trainer for 18 months and I can't believe how far I've come.
I crave exercise like I used to crave food.
I started on this path because I was tired of being tired and I wanted to get off my back pain meds. I can proudly say I have now been off my pain meds for 7 weeks.
I eat normal food (no more fad diets for me) drink lots of water and make sure I exercise 5-6 times a week. (Strength training, running, biking, swimming, obstacle training, kick boxing, boot camp, rock climbing) a healthy mix so I never get bored and I work all the muscles.
I have people not recognize me and others say I have motivated them - yet there are still days that I don't see the new me, and other days I think wow I look and feel great.
I want to thank my trainer Jared for believing in me and pushing me, Jenn for being the best running partner, friend and motivator, and my family and friends for supporting me.
I can't wait for 2018's new challenges - 10k, spartan 12k, Olympic triathlon, 3rd iron girl and a half marathon.

Lynne Cyr

December, 2017



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